Heavy Haulage

Heavy Haulage

Heavy Haulage was purchased by HWR in 2006 and Merged with Southern transport in 2010.

Heavy Haulage is a division under Southern Transport that specialize in Heavy Machinery Cartage, Concrete Panel Deliveries, Transformer Relocation and Transporting of Mobile Plant Equipment.

Heavy Haulage operates two Mack Trucks. The red Trident that can cart up to 48 Tonne and the white Superliner that can cart up to 100 Tonne.

Our main points of service are Southland, Central Otago, and the Otago region, but we also make trips to Christchurch and further up the country.


If you need help transporting a heavy vehicle or machine from one point to the other, get in contact with us and we will be sure to help you out.