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Southern Transport for all your Waste, Heavy Haulage and Bulk cartage needs.

Southern Transport is a large, experienced bulk cartage operator. Since 1946 the company has specialised in transport logistics. Our company operates a fleet of 47 trucks. Specialising in bulk cartage, heavy machinery cartage, waste and recycling removal, Aggregates, Special waste services, landscape retail supplies, wood & coal, and storage options. Providing a professional and efficient service throughout Southland. Our staff are very experienced and are all site safe trained in workplace health and safety.

We strive to provide the best customer service, most efficient and best leading-edge equipment and technology, and through our fleet network, we are able to handle any customer requirements. Southern Transport and it's partners are dedicated to building strong lasting relationships that help grow your business, for over 70 years this has been the foundation to our success and still continues to this day.

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