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General Questions


What do I do with Hazardous/ Prohibited goods?

Please contact the office to discuss the disposal of any types of hazardous waste.


What do I do with Greenwaste?

We can provide you with a one-off cash sale Greenwaste skip at a reduced cost or a long term 240L Greenwaste wheelie bin for no monthly hire fee. You only need to pay as you get it emptied!


What happens if I damage the equipment?

We will replace or cover the cost of any damage due to normal wear and tear. You will be responsible for any malicious or deliberate damage such as fire, loss, or theft. 


Can I pay Cash or Eftpos on delivery or on collection to the driver?

Unless you are an account customer of Southern Transport, Jumbo skip bin’s require payment before delivery. Account customers are invoiced every month for all services with payment due on the 20th day of the following month.


Why was my bin not collected?

The three most common reasons why your bin was not emptied are:

• Your bin was put out after 8 am and the truck had gone past already.

• Your account is on credit hold due to an invoice/s being overdue. 

• Your bin includes waste that is not permitted. 


Open Top Jumbo’s


How High can I fill the Skip?

You will see a yellow sticker on the bin asking you to not fill past a certain point. 


How do I pay? And when do I pay? 

Payment is required before delivery and can be made at our office or over the phone by credit or debit card. You may prefer to order and pay online here


Frontload Skips

Not suitable for Asbestos/Special Waste, Chemicals, Liquids, Gasses, Concrete Soil (Specific bin can be ordered), or Animal Carcasses.


How High can I fill the Skip?

Please ensure the lids can close properly with nothing hanging out of the bin or keeping the lids open.


Are there different Sizes?

Yes there are - full information can be found here


When can I get my skip emptied? Are there certain collection days?

Invercargill customers can be serviced Monday to Saturday. 

There are certain collection days for our rural customers, please contact the office if you would like to know your collection day.


Can I go on a regular collection schedule? 

You sure can, please contact our team to organise the best schedule for you!


Commercial/Residential Wheelie Bins

Not suitable for Asbestos/Special Waste, Chemicals, Paints, Gasses, Concrete, Soil, or Animal Carcasses.


How much notice do I need to give to book my bin in for collection?

At least a day’s notice is appreciated but if it is urgent please do not hesitate to let us know so that we can arrange a special trip.

Green Waste Wheelie Bins

Suitable for Grass, Trimmings, general green organic waste 

Not suitable for Cabbage Tree leaves, Flax, Rubbish and Recycling, Rocks/Stones/Concrete 


How do I get a bin?

Please contact the office to arrange setting up an account with us or alternatively fill in the online form.


How do I book to get my bin emptied?

You may ring the office on 032169059 or text us on 0275367452


How do I pay for my bin? 

You will be invoiced monthly for your bin empties and these can be paid at our office or via internet banking. 


Do you collect every day of the week or are there scheduled days?

We collect Green Waste Monday to Friday in the afternoon.


What if I am moving to a new house and no longer need the bin? 

Please contact the office to let us know and we will organise for your bin to be removed.


Can I move the bin to my new house myself if I still require your service?

You can take the bin to your new address if you wish, please just remember to let us know that you have moved.