Our Story

Our Story

Southern Transport became the business it is today when 20-year-old Bill Richardson took charge in 1960.  Seeking opportunities wherever they offered, by initiative, ingenuity, and hard work, he built a transport company of such strength that it became the springboard for the formation of the HW Richardson Group (HWR).

HWR, in turn, became one of New Zealand's largest privately-owned companies with a hugely diverse range of interests from the bottom of the country to the top and across the Tasman as well.  All that enterprise began with Southern Transport Co. Limited and the down-to-earth philosophy of its managing director, Bill Richardson.

Bill passed away in 2005, but he and the people who have run the company since, lived by one indisputable truth.  Great staff and the service they give, make great companies. Southern Transport has shown, a willingness to go The Extra Mile.  A lot has changed since 1960, but the core values, which make up our team at Southern Transport and within HWR have not. 

Values - Great Gear.  Great Mates. Great People.

The Vision- Game-Changing Transport 

Southern Transport aims to go The Extra Mile, while solving some of the most complex logistic challenges, striving for the best customer service, most efficient and best leading-edge equipment and technology.  While constantly seeking ways to work better, smarter and faster. 

“As long as people remember where we have come from, keep their feet on the ground, remember what we are here to do, and keep on doing the job- as I have tried to encourage them- I don’t think we can go wrong.”Bill Richardson